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The Free Life Experience Liability Wavier


The Free Life Experience and...

(Enter Participant’s First & Last Name, email, and DOB)


  1. Waiver and Release from Liability: Participant understands that Free Life, The Free Life Experience, Free Life Global, Cajo Brands and any one attached to the Free Life Brand assumes no responsibility for any mental, physical, or emotional injuries or illnesses that any participant/person may sustain

a.) As a result of participant/person’s physical or mental condition  

b.) Resulting from participant/person’s participation in any Free Life activity

c.) As a result of another participant/person’s or third person’s actions, or

d.) As a result of participant’s use of Free Life’s faculties, name, and/or in connection with any Free Life activities. The participant releases and agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify Free Life, The Free Life Experience, Free Life Global, Cajo Brands and any one attached to the Free Life Brand and its staff, members, and supporters from and against any and all claims for personal injury (including loss of life) and all other losses or damages that the participant/person may suffer as a result of his or her participation and/or enrollment.

  1. Medical Consent: Participant/person grants permission to Free Life and its staff to contact emergency medical transportation services to take the participant/person to a licensed physician for medical treatment, emergency surgery, or hospitalization if participant becomes ill, sustains an injury, or otherwise requires medical treatment or attention and Free Life is unable to contact the emergency contact listed by participant/person. The participant/person gives consent to any licensed physician to administer drugs or medicine, or to perform such medical procedures as that physician determines necessary for the relief of pain and to preserve the participant/person’s life or health. Participant/person further authorizes Free Life to give first aid, CPR, or other treatment by a qualified staff member to participant/person.

  2. Property Loss: Participant/person understands and agrees that Free Life is not responsible for personal property that is lost, damaged, or stolen in connection with any Free Life activity.

  3. Binding Effect: The agreement shall be binding upon participant/person, his or her heirs, estate, successors, and legal representatives.

  4. Acceptance: If any portions of this waiver and release are held to be invalid, participant/person agrees the remaining terms shall continue to be in full legal force and effect. Participant/person understands and agrees that this waiver and release is binding upon them and my heirs, estates, and legal representatives.

Photo Release: I grant Free Life the absolute right to copyright, re-use, publish, and republish by any medium, including electronically, any photos of myself or my child or in which they may be included, that may be taken while participating in Free Life activities.

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